James: 24, Green eyes, Brown hair, 5’9″ (1.75m), 130lbs (59kg)
Spent most of his life in the safety of his village. He’s proved his worth as a natural engineer and even earned the title of Mechanical Overseer at age fifteen.

James was considered too valuable to be sent on missions outside of the village, but his girlfriend Tsara had encouraged him to learn how to fend for himself. His training was limited, but it was enough for him to kill two trespassers in self-defense.

Deborah (infected): 27, Red eyes, Blonde hair, 5’8″ (1.7m), 110lbs (49kg)
Raised by a healer and her vampire protector. Deborah quickly learned how to kill and how to stay alive. When she was fourteen, her mother’s protector was badly wounded, and killed Deborah’s mother to heal himself. Deborah killed the monster, and wandered the sand for nearly a decade.

Nineteen years old, she fell in love with a villager she had often traded with. Even after her lover’s death three years later, Deborah had accepted the family’s offer to stay with them. Deborah has earned her right to stay in the village by becoming one of the top village scouts.

Tate: 19, Brown eyes, Dirty-blonde hair, 6′ (1.8m), 190lbs (86kg)
Strategic and ruthless, unless he’s high. Tate was raised within a mobile tribe that rewarded power above all. His father had maintained a small garden in the bed of his pickup truck. Tate was fascinated by how successful his father was. People traded gallons of good water for handfuls of herbs to smoke.

As Tate’s father grew weaker of the years, the teenager quickly stepped up. Just like his old man, Tate took down any wanna-be thieves with ease. With the enterprise going strong, Tate had enough clout to challenge the leader of the tribe. No one was surprised to see Tate become the youngest leader of the Red Bones.

Tsara: 20, Blue eyes, Brown hair, 6’1″ (1.8m), 120lbs (54.4kg)
Organized, thoughtful and patient. Tsara’s mother had royally pissed off the current council. The organization had put their full wrath into Tsara’s family, driving her mother to exile herself.

The council also made sure that Tsara and her father would never hold a significant seat of power. Tsara grew up with grunt work, but her infectious optimism and strong stomach got her through them all.

Natti: 27, Brown eyes, Black hair, 5’2″ (1.56m), 120lbs (54.4kg)
Determined, confident and always planning. Natti was raised within Anthill’s higher echelons of society. Her father was a well known sheriff who had played a pivotal role in the town’s safety during the Dust Giant sieges.

Natti followed in her mother’s footsteps as a politician, starting from the mayor’s assistant’s secretary’s file clerk. The young woman had her parents’ knack for reading people and learning how to manipulate them.