Stitched 6.6

Natti had always felt like the most powerful person in the room no matter who had entered her office. She had chosen blood red paint for her walls to help fluster men and women whom were already infatuated with her tight dresses. While aroused, a man’s reactions were slower and they often let the distraction […]

Stitched 6.5

James slammed his shotgun on his chipped, stained and sturdy wooden workbench. He reached under his nearby steel stool for a key with a small magnet glued onto it. Key in hand, the mechanic unlocked a large steel cabinet under the bench. Megan entered the dark, cool garage, “What are you doing?” James glanced back. […]

Stitched 6.4

James thought he’d be smiling as the outline of Anthill came into view. The sun beat down on the pointed trails of red boulders and orange dirt, but even higher than that sat a series of raised plateaus merged together. Wide bases of rock layered atop each other until a single layer populated with manmade […]

Stitched 6.3

Clive had been moving at a brisk pace all day. He was completely covered in sun blocker clothing, his black goggles were designed to tolerate the sun for a few hours at best. The man’s eyes had been nearly squinted shut since noon. The steep hills he had been hiking through for the last two […]

Stitched 6.1

James parked his rusty pickup truck at the top of the slope. Outside the windshield was a large crater of smooth rock faces, only the man-made road ahead of the truck was level enough to safely reach the bottom. The white marble plaza radiated with the bright sunlight. Sharp light bounced off of the emerald […]

Blood Trail 5.9

James’ eyelids slid open, but he immediately covered them with his elbow. Dawn reflected from the truck’s rearview mirror directly into his face. James rubbed his eyes as he tried to sit up, something stopped him. He tilted his head to see little Tommy sleeping soundly on his chest. James tilted his head the other […]

Blood Trail 5.8

Deborah gulped the last bit of blood she could draw. She had shot Tate in the forehead, but the bullet had caught the top of his left eye socket. Respectfully closing his eyes would’ve been an ordeal. Examining his body hanging upside down from the rear of the trailer, Deborah decided she hadn’t given Tate […]

Blood Trail 5.7

Tate laid at the back of the trailer, dangling his feet over the edge. His hands were propped behind his head to help him look out at the stars ahead. Leaning forward a bit, Tate could see the North Star. What did dad call it? “Hey Linda, do you know what the North Star is […]