The planet’s population and infrastructure have plummeted. Much of the landscape is desert dunes, jagged plateaus and the occasional city ruin. Village scouts, roving marauders and blood drinkers make up the largest populations out in the sand.

Old-world treasures may provide a moment’s relief, but water, blood and shade are the rarest currencies that matter.

The story begins here.

*          *          *

Fresh chapters on Sundays. Bonuses on Wednesdays.

Currently taking a break, sorry! This is not where I want to end the story at all, but other life priorities are starting to take over. It’s not a bad thing though, so don’t worry about me. Thirst will return.

Total word count: 118,808

Puncture: 21,946
Bleeding: 21,043
Scab: 20,835
Scarred: 20,995
Blood Trail: 20,787
Stitched: 13,202

This project is a mixture of ideas and concepts I’ve never fully realized. My hope for Thirst is that I can utilize a lot of content that’s been taking up space in my notepad. More importantly, I hope I can entertain you.